About us

We are a private, free and open school for children fleeing war, regime and adversity. By applying the principles of humane integration and democratic education, we aim for the children of our school to become creators of a peaceful future world.

Gravitas Schola

We founded Gravitas Schola in 2022 to help Ukrainian children who were forced to come to Lithuania due to the ongoing war in the country. Today, we are the first school in Lithuania where we educate refugee children from various countries free of charge.
Currently, Gravitas Schola has over 400 students from 1st to 12th grade, for whom elementary, basic and secondary education is organized.
In our school, children are not only taught their usual subjects, but we pay a lot of attention to the fact that students understand and protect their roots, national identity and grow together as Europeans, citizens of the world, who will help create a European future for their country and Lithuania.
As a refugee school, we work with one of the most sensitive groups in society. The vast majority of students from our school experienced the trials of the war in Ukraine, some of them came to Lithuania with only one of their parents or guardians. In order to help the children coming to Lithuania to socialize and adapt to the new environment more easily, we pay a lot of attention to the non-formal education and leisure activities of these children.
For that purpose, the school organizes after-school education, students regularly participate in various projects, travel around Lithuania, volunteer and implement initiatives organized by a strong team of teachers and partners who contribute to the informal education of our students – various Lithuanian and foreign organizations.