Food for the school is provided by “Healthy Nutrition Partner”. Meals for the child are ordered on the virtual platform and paid for by parents/guardians.

The order is accepted only after the advance payment, made and credited by Sunday 22:00. Only full-day orders can be canceled by pressing the Cancel button or X (on mobile devices).

The order is made for the whole week. Orders can be canceled until 08:00 of the current day by opening the same order link and clicking the Cancel button. The unused amount is transferred and used to pay for other orders. You can check your order by opening the order link and viewing the marked order.

To order meals, parents/guardians receive an order link. In the order form opened in the Internet browser, you need to tick the catering order. After checking, press Pay.

All first and second graders in Lithuania receive a free lunch.

Free meals can also be given to students of higher grades, but then their family income is taken into account. In order to receive free meals, you need to fill out an application in the Family Social Support Information System (SPIS), municipality, ward or simply at the child’s educational institution.

Meals in the after-school group are paid, ordered on the virtual platform.