Lithuanian Junior Achievement

The best time to create the future is today! Our students do not wait for enlightenment or for someone to bring opportunities on a tray, but boldly join Lithuanian and European youth communities in search of ideas for their future paths and businesses.

We are happy and proud of the “Gravitas schola” team, which joined the Lithuanian Junior Achievement project and was awarded the “Bravest Business Idea Award” at the International Young Companies eXpo. It is dedicated to the quest to connect people of good will, Vepro, a mobile app that brings together volunteers and volunteer-seeking organizations.

As many as 71 teams from various countries presented their products at the international fair held in Kaunas. Five of them – who came to the fair from Ukraine (Lviv, Chernivtsi regions) under the banner of Junior Achievement Ukraine – also visited the “Gravitas schola” school. Together with our “Junior Achievement” team, they shared their entrepreneurial experience and ideas, were interested in how Ukrainians are successful in studying in Lithuania, what are the differences between educational programs and learning methods, were curious about how the lives of students and teachers, their attitude to learning are changing, and were happy with our energetic, enthusiastic youth And we enjoy warm meetings with teacher Olga, who leads our children to various victories in their lives.